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Monday, March 17, 2014

New Color: Evergreen (and crimped beards)

Dave Benson (part owner of Loll Designs) from Halloween 2011
 While looking through Google search of appropriate St. Patty images I saw a lot of leprechauns with crimped beards and before I could think "ew",  I remembered our very own Dave Benson bore a similar crimped beard a few Halloweens ago. You can imagine my excitement when I found his actual image still saved in my e-mail.

You know what else is exciting?! Loll just launched a brand new color and it happens to be a great day to launch it since it's Everygreen. I am really excited about this color because it's a green that looks really good in both small and large quantities. You could have a whole a dining set in this color or just a single bench and it still really pops without being overbearing.

I happen to really like it on our new stools - Norm and Cliff. We have a quite a few new products that just launched including our new Lollygagger Collection which I will be going over soon. Stay tuned!

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