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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy (freezing) New Year!

shoveling off loll's modern Adirondack chairs in preparation for our fire

below zero heroes

Sharon (sales) enjoys a beer in a Loll recycled plastic Adirondack chair

Happy New Year! If you haven't heard by now, Duluth is in the midst of a deep freeze. We are officially colder than the South Pole…It just isn’t right, but what can you do? …Well, grab our shovels, clear the 4 feet of snow hiding everything, and make a fire! Once you've lived in Minnesota for awhile you get thick skin, the right clothing, and succumb to the fact you live in the one of the coldest places on the planet earth. We just deal with it.

This past New Year’s Eve we found ourselves clearing off our modern Adirondacks to make way for a winter fire pit. Some hardy friends came over and we all embraced the sub-zero temps, even enjoying some COLD beer outside under the stars. 

I have to admit, if we didn't have these sturdy Adirondacks our fire wouldn't have happened. For years we've left our recycled Adirondack chairs out winter after winter. It wasn't until this winter we thought "Oh, yeah. We can still use those!" The fact is Loll makes some pretty hardcore furniture that will stand the test of time…and cold.  Each piece is made to endure extreme temperatures.  Don’t forget, they are still comfortable, good for our planet (100 % recyclable), and in the words of Derek Zoolander, “really, really good looking.”


Shereen said...


From your photos i can really feel how freezing it was! Anyway i am from Asia and as you know there is no winter here and no chance to feel the freezing cold lol. What are the current temperature do you have now?

loll designs said...

Hi Shereen,

Thanks for checking out the Loll blog! Right now current temperatures in Duluth are -18 F! This weekend it will be a lot warmer nearing 30 degree F.