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Monday, March 4, 2013

Hey Duluthians.....

What are you up to this Wednesday....?

The Zinema theater will be examining local design with our CEO, Greg Benson, along with the showing of the documentary, Objectified. Come check it out!

Where: Duluth Zinema
Time: 7PM

Gary Hustwit’s trilogy of documentaries on design will serve as a springboard for discussions with local designers as we highlight their work and the philosophies behind it.

Objectified features a talk afterwards with Greg Benson, CEO of Loll Designs.

Nearly everyone spends their life surrounded by the work of industrial designers, but very few people understand the process by which your furniture, cell phone, or alarm clock came to look and feel the way they do, and how the elements of design interact with our own ideas and assumptions about value and functionality. The design of everyday objects has more than a little to do with mass psychology and the way it intersects with commerce, even if most people never give the process a moment’s thought. Filmmaker Gary Hustwit takes viewers on a journey through the elusive world of industrial design and the interaction of people with the objects they’ve brought into their lives in the documentary Objectified, which features interviews with a number of major designers who discuss how products move from the drawing board to the marketplace, and the philosophy behind the look, feel, and function of the things in your home.

BONUS: Every Wednesday is half price wine at Zeitgeist so it's truly a win win situation. I highly recommend the Vietti Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne Piedmonte, Italy 2009.  

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