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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Studio Shed + Loll Designs

wine + cheese

beer + pizza

sun + beach

studio shed + loll designs

Nothing beats a good pairing which why we are excited about this collaboration with Studio Shed. They make some pretty rad modern sheds that can house anything from your at home office to your kids playroom. Their appeal is not only modern, but they are also made from sustainable materials. Now until May 1st you will receive two of our Lollygagger  Lounge chairs with every Studio Shed purchase. Talk about a match made in outdoor heaven...

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Lollygagger Collection!

We are excited to announce our new Lollyagger Collection! This collection means a lot to us because it's been years in the making and each piece not only represents who Loll is, but this is our first collection designed to be a cohesive family. 

The Lollygagger Family is intended to be a complete collection to create the modern outdoor lounge you’ve been looking for. This collection makes a statement about made in the USA quality, environmental responsibility, good design, and you. The Lollyagger Collection includes everything you need to really sit back and relax whether it be poolside in our chaise lounge or having a family dinner while the sun sets.


Monday, March 17, 2014

New Color: Evergreen (and crimped beards)

Dave Benson (part owner of Loll Designs) from Halloween 2011
 While looking through Google search of appropriate St. Patty images I saw a lot of leprechauns with crimped beards and before I could think "ew",  I remembered our very own Dave Benson bore a similar crimped beard a few Halloweens ago. You can imagine my excitement when I found his actual image still saved in my e-mail.

You know what else is exciting?! Loll just launched a brand new color and it happens to be a great day to launch it since it's Everygreen. I am really excited about this color because it's a green that looks really good in both small and large quantities. You could have a whole a dining set in this color or just a single bench and it still really pops without being overbearing.

I happen to really like it on our new stools - Norm and Cliff. We have a quite a few new products that just launched including our new Lollygagger Collection which I will be going over soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Modernism Week

 All of us at the office wish we could have been magically transported to Palm Spring's for the annual Modernism Week festival this past week. Instead, we are buried (again) under 2 feet of snow. We can, however, live vicariously through instagram feeds and our participating retailer, Just Modern. Just Modern has a beautiful showroom which includes a great selection of modern outdoor furniture from yours truly- Loll Designs!

Modernism Week is a celebration and appreciation of all things midcentury modern. From architecture to furniture design it's a week filled with fashion shows, home tours, lectures, and much much more. Perhaps next year we will find ourselves poolside and lollygagging! For now, our martini is a shovel and our pool is an ice rink...

Loll Designs displayed in the Just Modern showroom. Just Modern is participating in this year's Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Homes featured in the Modernism Week Tour. (photo curtesy of the Modernism Week website)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Meet Pliny. The Lounge Chair

pliny the lounger

pliny the lounger on Polyvore

It’s not happenstance that we announce the launch of Pliny the Lounger days after the craft beer, Pliny the Younger. Russian River Brewing Co launched this super-hoppy triple IPA…and some are calling it the best beer on Earth.

While our mouths water, let’s focus back to one of beer’s best companions: the chair. Inspired by the ubiquitous “motel” chair from the 1940’s, Pliny is our update on classic retro furniture. A stainless steel frame marries our recyclable material to create the classic “bounce” feel that brings a flash to the past…or maybe that was the IPA talking. 

Inspired by the 1950's motel chair, the Pliny is a combination of retro lounge chair meets modern world. Say goodbye to your gramma's rusted out porch chairs. This modern lounge chair is here to stay.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bikes and Ballrooms

Each year Loll chooses a handful of non-profits to support through Patagonia's 1% program. This year Loll kept this support close to home and has announced a matching donation to the Cyclist of Gitchee Gumee Shores also known as COGGS. COGGS is an organization that focuses on maintaining and improving cycling opportunities in the Twin Ports and is currently working on the Duluth Traverse; a 100-mile long multi-use singletrack trail.  Loll will be matching (up to $30,000) donations during the COGGS Annual Traverse Gala which is taking place this upcoming March.

About the Duluth Traverse:
The Duluth Traverse will be a 100 mile long multi-use, singletrack trail that is purpose-built for mountain biking and other human powered travel. When finished, it will span the entire 26 miles of the City of Duluth and be the longest urban multi-use trail in the nation. The Duluth Traverse Trail System will feature trail centers with more extensive trail networks in Lester Park, Hartley Park, Piedmont-Brewer Park, Spirit Mountain and Mission Creek and the beginner level Duluth Traverse Trail linking them all together. The goal for this system is to create the first 100+ mile system of singletrack all within an urban environment. This will connect Duluth neighborhoods together via natural surface trails and also create an environment where everyone has trail access within a short distance of their home where they can enjoy mountain biking, hiking, running and snowshoeing.

As avid bikers, we are so excited to be contributing to such a great cause and hope you can make it to the gala to offer your own support. Plus, if you really think about it doesn't a ballroom full of active Minnesotans, beer, food, dancing, and music sound pretty fun?

About the COGGS Annual Duluth Traverse Gala:
March 1, 2014
Greysolon Ballroom, 231 East Superior Street, Duluth, MN
5:00 PM
$80 per guest in advance ($100 at the door). Purchase tickets at www.COGGS.com
Happy Hour, Silent Auction, Live Music, Gourmet Dinner and Desert, Raffle

See you there!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

a d i r o n d a c k

In my experience the word "Adirondack" has always left people tongue-tied and confused..."That's the chair, right?"  So what's with this chair and why is it called an Adirondack?

Loll's recycled plastic Adirondack chair

The chairs origin can be traced back to the beginning of the 1900's in the Adirondack Mountains (light bulb just click on?). A man by the name of Thomas Lee was vacationing there and like most people on vacation he wanted to sit and relax and drink lots of beer.  He couldn't find a chair to fulfill these needs so he ended up designing what he called the "Westport Plank Chair". Adirondack chairs were born!

He then sought to have his chairs constructed and because he was such a nice guy he offered it to his carpenter friend,  Harry Bunnell, who in turn not only made the chairs for Mr. Lee, but he also had the design patented behind Lee's back! Drama! Bunnel continued to manufacture the chairs the next 20 years.

Fast forward 100 years later and three dudes drinking beer and making skate ramps out of recycled material wondered what to do with all the left over scrap. With their spare time they started making it into furniture and decided an Adirondack chair was a good place to start. They thought of all the rotten, faded, and flimsy Adirondack chairs they've seen over the years and realized the need to make something that could withstand the elements and also have a modern feel. Loll was born!

fulfilling the purpose of the Adirondack chair

Check out our full selection of  modern Adirondack chairs here.